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Since 2016, Kayin Entertainment has worked with America’s Pub Quiz to bring energy and personality to pub trivia in Orange County, California, helping them to build a presence in three separate Southern California cities while being based in Wisconsin. Recently, Kayin Entertainment relocated to the Hudson Valley, NY area and with that Kayin Entertainment proudly announces Kontagious Trivia, a weekly trivia show coming soon to bars and restaurants in the Hudson Valley area, powered by Trivnow.


The trivia game lasts about 2 hours. The idea is to keep people sitting, drinking, eating and entertained. This, also, has the potential of turning what may usually be one of your slowest nights of the week into a regular weekly event. Also, as more and more locations are added to Kontagious Trivia's roster, your restaurant or bar would be promoted at these other locations; Feeding you even more business!

The game is 6 rounds with 3 questions per round with Halftime & Final questions making a total of 20 official questions. There are also bonus questions each half. Participants are given 3 1/2 minutes to answer each regular question, 7 minutes for the halftime question and 5 minutes for the final question. The questions cover a wide range of subjects from movies to music to history to science and more. All questions are pulled from my personal database of about 14,000 questions.  Participants answer questions via their phone so wifi access is appreciated but not required.


Kayin Entertainment provides five (5) promotional posters, the questions, the game format, all necessary equipment(speakers, pencils, game sheets etc) and the host. This is a “set it and forget it” service. The host shows up every week completely prepared and a bartender or manager pays when the game is completed. However, the restaurant must provide the prizes. The recommended prizes are $30, $20, $10 gift cards however, the restaurant has the ultimate decision on what the prizes would be. You want prizes to be high enough in value to motivate people to win but low enough that money will be spent on the return trip.

Hit the "Contact" page to book Kontagious Trivia now and catch the trivia bug!

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