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Technology is the foundation for everything that is done at Kayin Entertainment. Entire moments could be missed, if every piece of equipment doesn’t work, just right.  For that reason, every piece used, is specially selected and researched. It is not about meeting an industry standard. Each piece equipment must live up to the Kayin Entertainment standard.

Numark NS7II 


The NS7II is a hefty yet sturdy piece of equipment. It has a 4 channel mixer. Real motorized platters with slip mats and vinyl along with a full array of touch-activated knobs, filters and velocity-sensitive performance pads. NS7II is the most responsive DJ console ever created. With available RCA output for videographers. It is definitely technology that is designed to perform.



The Electro-Voice  ZLX 15 inch powered speakers, deliver best-in-class performance across every detail. The LCD display allows your experience to be customized by lowering things like bass and treble if necessary. These speakers bring 1000W of sound to your event.

Shure GLX with Beta 58A


The revolutionary Shure GLX-D Digital Wireless System along with Beta 58 microphone, combines leading-edge technology with battery rechargeability to define the new standard for seamless, crystal-clear digital audio. Intelligent frequency management quickly identifies the best open frequencies and interference monitoring helps avoid signal interruption. It has an operating range of of about 200 feet within line of sight. The recharge battery allows 16 hours of operation on a single charge. in an emergency a 15 min quick charge adds 90 minutes of operation.

Swarm 5FX

For movement and colorful effects at any event, Swarm 5 FX is a 3-in-1 LED effect light that combines red and green lasers, white strobe effects and Red Green Blue Amber and White rotating derby effects into one fixture. Perfect for any event. 

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